Claw Machine

Claw Machine


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*Holiday Pricing May Vary
GOOD: Regular Price Up To 8-Hour Rental:


Better: Overnight (Keep It till The Next Morning)



BEST: Weekend Rental (Friday To Monday)


Setup Area: 10Ft L / 10Ft W /10Ft H

Attendants: Full adult supervision

Outlets: 1 - 120v


Ever been to an arcade and played the classic claw machine? Well, we have the Claw machine rental and it’s  addicting to play! We suggest that anyone aged 7 or over to play this game, depending on the level of difficulty (we can change the level of difficulty).

The Claw Machine rental does not come with prizes, if you would like to fill it with your own prizes you definitely can! If you would like to order prizes from us, we ask for at least two week’s notice to ensure the prizes get to us on time, we don’t have these in stock.  Call us to see what fun prizes and the cost will be to fill up this Claw machine rental!

Our claw machine only requires power within 5 feet to play and an area of about 10 feet by 10 feet to ensure the player and those watching have enough space around them.  We require all doorways and hallways to be at least 36″ in width to ensure delivery and turn the game inside the venue (as this must be covered from the weather).

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