10 Great Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Next Party

Photo booths are popping up everywhere. From wedding receptions to bar mitzvahs and celebrity events, they’re the perfect party favor. If you’re contemplating a photo booth for your next event, but not really sure how it works—here are 10 fabulous reasons to justify a photo booth for pretty much any occasion.

Photo booths are totally affordable.

Formerly the domain of celebrity get together or massive sponsored events—the fast rise in popularity has made photo booths accessible for any special occasion. The average cost is $300-$500, depending on length of time and features you decide on.

They rock for any occasion.

Weddings, corporate events, sweet sixteens, mitzvahs—these are just some of the events that we suggest. Basically any time you gather a group of people together you have a good reason for a photo booth.

They require zero work on your part, and rental times flex with your schedule.

Most packages range from three to five hour sessions. Sean Stevens of Kealoha Events explains that set-up time does not cut into your rental time. A staff member is with the booth the whole time, making sure things run smoothly. His four and five hour packages are split-able so, “you can open for cocktail hour, close for dinner, and open again after dinner for the remainder of your time.” Pretty sweet.

You can customize photos to match your event.

Want your photo strips to match your wedding palette? Kealoha can deliver. A custom logo on the bottom of the photo strip to make it more memorable for guests? Done. Get creative and carry your party theme through in little details like these.

You can find a booth that suits your fancy.

You have options! Want an affordable booth that's easy to use, or a fancy mirror booth full of elegance? We can give you those! Find the booth that works best for your space and the number of guests you’re having—then go wild.

It’s entertainment and a party favor in one.

We offer unlimited photo strips throughout the rental, so your friends from college can go bananas if they like. For an additional fee we can even offer scrapbooking supplies that guests add to as they go. At the end of the night you’ll have a fabulous keepsake. 

Props are included.

The best part of the photo booth is all the sassy props. With Kealoha, it is standard to provide goofy glasses, masks, hats, and more to get the party rolling. Maybe even your Aunt Edna will loosen up! 

You can bundle the photo booth with other event items.

Take the pain out of event planning. Get all your media and entertainment needs from one source. We offer full service packages that cover everything to make a special occasion. Done, done, done, and done.

You can make it personal.

In addition to custom colors and personalized borders—you can make your party pictures spectacular. Marinez says his favorite trend is the Roaring ‘20s theme, while Johnson said some of the best photos he’s encountered came from a steampunk wedding. Get creative and bring your own awesome props that will give your special event that extra sparkle.

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